A Klingon Christmas Carol… REINVENTED!

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A Klingon Christmas Carol reinvents itself for 2013!

Friends, in case you didn’t know, Commedia Beauregard is a small professional theatre company that recently became a resident company at the Raven Theatre Complex. They’ve been around since 1999 (starting in Minneapolis/Saint Paul) and have put up 30 productions over the last 14 years. Their specialty is translation: translation from other languages into English, translation of other art forms to the stage, etc. And once a year they translate Dickens into Klingon.

Their holiday hit A Klingon Christmas Carol has all the elements of the Dickens classic but adapted to the Klingon warrior culture and  meticulously translated into tlhIngan Hol (that’s Klingon for Klingon). It is a terrific show that far more earnest and heartwarming that you would expect from something so silly. You don’t even have to love Star Trek to get this show and have a blast. And if you do love Star Trek, well, you can only imagine the nerd heaven you’ll ascend to!

This year, CB is totally overhauling the show and they need your help!

The goal this year is to make the show unlike it has ever been before: A new multi-level set, new costumes that blend Victorian England with Klingon aesthetics (think steam-punk-Klingon), a new much smaller venue that creates an up-close intimate experience, new fights, new sound-scape… everything is being redone from the ground up.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign and make a donation to support a bigger, meaner Klingon Christmas Carol this year!


tlhIngan maH!



Welcome to The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden

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The People's Republic of Edward Snowden - Coming soon to Prop Thtr and the Chicago Theatre

Nov 7 & 14 @ Prop Thtr and Nov 15 @ The Chicago Theatre

The man responsible for one of the biggest intelligence leaks in US history is talking again, but this time he’s telling his own story. In this satirical triumph by local activist W.C. Turck, Edward Snowden emerges from his undisclosed location to hold a very personal press conference on what brought him to expose the dirtiest secrets of our National Security Agency. With a razor wit, Snowden reflects on his journey, his new home in lovely Russia, and the comfort he takes in our government’s promise not to torture or execute him. With a directing team plucked from political sketch comedy company Democracy Burlesque, The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden takes an irreverent, poignant look at freedom and privacy in our time. Is Snowden a traitor? A hero? Could this be “the Most Dangerous Play in America?” You decide.

WC Turck - Chicago Activist, Author and PlaywrightThis is the second play by W.C. Turck, following his 2011 Occupy Chicago collaboration, Occupy My Heart, A Revolutionary Christmas Carol. Based upon the Dickens classic, Occupy My Heart was written as a celebration of the movement, intended to bring the spirit and message of the Occupation to a broader audience. It gained national attention with a series of free performances at Grant Park, Prop Thtr, and Studio BE.

Turck’s other work includes his novels Broken, One Soldier’s Unexpected Journey Home, which was recommended by the National Organization of Mental Health Institutes for its treatment of PTSD; Everything for Love, a memoir of his experiences in the Bosnian conflict; Burn down the Sky, based on his very real experiences on the front lines of the so-called war on terror; and The Last Man, about a world run by a single corporation. Turck is also co-host of the popular Chicago public access TV show Revolution and Beer in which each week a panel discusses political issues over great craft beer.

Now with The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden Turck has once again taken up his pen to illuminate a complex issue with comedy, heartbreak, and hope.

The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden is co-directed by Celia Forrest and Erik Parsons, and stars Nick Haugland, Arne Saupe and Catherine Povinelli.

Thursdays, November 7th and 14th at 8:00pm.
Prop Thtr, 3502-04 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618.
$10 tickets will soon go on sale at RepublicofSnowden.com.‎

Friday, November 15th at 8:00pm.
The Chicago Theatre, 175 N State St, Chicago, IL 60601.
$15 tickets will soon go on sale at TheChicagoTheatre.com.

Learn more at RepublicofSnowden.com!

“Master Works: The Van Gogh Plays” Brings Paintings to Life with Proper Amount of Insanity

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Arne Saupe in Master Works - The Van Gogh Plays

Arne Saupe in Smoke If You Got ‘Em by Ellen Cribbs.
Based on Van Gogh’s Skull with Burning Cigarette.

Skull with a Burning Cigarette by Van Gogh.jpgMy friends at Commedia Beauregard are at it again with another festival of twisted short plays, running for one weekend only at Edgewater’s Raven Theatre!

Stabbings, weddings, manifestos, and a post-apocalyptic wasteland. These are a few things that happen when Commedia Beauregard’s Master Works series once again brings fine art to life. This time six Van Gogh paintings were chosen: Night Cafe, The Man is at Sea, Skull with Burning Cigarette, Undergrowth with Two Figures, Doctor Gachet, and The Drinkers (which can be seen at the Art Institute of Chicago). Six locally & nationally recognized Chicago playwrights then brought their imaginations to bear and created an original play based on the painting they were assigned. Finally, Commedia Beauregard chose six up-and-coming directors to take these new works and bring them to life on stage. Now see these short plays presented together back-to-back in Master Works: The Van Gogh Plays. Like the great painter himself, it promises to be an inspiring blend of genius and insanity!

According to Mexican poet Octavio Paz, “Translation is an art of analogy, the art of finding correspondences,” and Master Works is one more way in which Commedia Beauregard follows its mission of exploring cultures through the art of translation.

Master Works: The Van Gogh Plays
VinnieNew plays by Ellen Cribbs, Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, Rory Leahy, Jason Lindner, Alberto Mendoza, and Sean Margaret Wagner. Directed by Niki Dreistadt, Celia Forrest, Toma Langston, Richard Paro, Erik Parsons, and Brittany Westfall.

Thursday, May 2 @ 8pm,
Friday, May 3 @ 8pm,
Saturday, May 4 @ 8pm,
Sunday, May 5 @ 3:30pm.

Raven Theatre Complex – West Theatre, 6157 N Clark St (at Granville Ave), Chicago, IL 60660.

$15 tickets are available at 800.838.3006 or CBTheatre.org.

"Night Cafe" by Vincent Van Gogh. Inspiration for the play "The Night Cafe" by Rory Leahy, which is directed by Erik Parsons.

Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh.
Inspiration for the play The Night Cafe by Rory Leahy.

Professor Whiskey’s Jacksonville Vaudevillians Compete for $250K During One Spark 2013

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Professor Whiskey's Ramona Rhapsody - Red Velvet Photography

Friends, there are two big things happening in Jacksonville, FL next week, and I’m not just talking about Ramona Rhapsody’s bazooms above. (That’s right, I said bazooms.)

Professor Whiskey’s Traveling Bizarre Bazaar, Jacksonville’s premier (and only) vaudeville and burlesque troupe, will be performing two free shows on April 17 and 19 as part of One Spark 2013.

Professor Whiskey's Kitty LaRoxOne Spark is an incredible event that’s part SXSW, part ArtPrize, and it takes Kickstarter up a few notches. From April 17th to 21st, it will light up downtown Jacksonville with hundreds of projects on display in over 65 venues, all vying for $250,000 in crowdfunding that will be distributed based on public vote! For everyone in Jacksonville, One Spark is the perfect opportunity to connect, be inspired, and support great work like the Bizarre Bazaar!

Professor Whiskey’s first free show will be an action-packed introduction to the traditional vaudeville they epitomize: combining music, mirth, mayhem, and a little bawdy merriment. The troupe offers their guests the beauty of their burlesque performers, the talent of their various musical guests, the skill and prowess of their own hoopstress, and all presented by their mesmerizing MC.

The second free show is being called “The Nerdlesque Chronicles” and will be their Geek/Nerd/Sci-Fi show. Fans are encouraged to come out in costume, dressed to the 9’s. Stormtroopers, Ghostbusters, Jedi, comic book characters, video game characters, if you can dress as it, they want to see it!

Remember, the One Spark “Creator” number for Professor Whiskey’s Traveling Bizarre Bazaar is #9, and every vote given will be a vote to help bring fringe art and a new cultural center to Jacksonville!

Professor Whiskey’s Traveling Bizarre Bazaar at One Spark 2013
Wednesday, April 17 at 8:00pm and Friday, April 19 at 8:30pm.
Phoenix Taproom, 325 W. Forsyth Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32202.
Registration is open at BeOneSpark.com.
For information on the Professor and his friends, visit ProfessorWhiskey.com.

Here’s a little taste of the fun…

Master Magician Luis Carreon Performs at Chicago’s Legendary Magic Inc.

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Award-winning master magician Luis Carreon has announced two performances of his original solo show, Bending Minds and Bending Dreams, at one of the most renowned magic shops in the country, Magic Inc.

Fresh from almost winning Tengo Talento (the Spanish language equivalent of America’s Got Talent), Luis presents an evening of modern magic and mentalism featuring classic close-up parlor magic with a fresh twist, as well as his own original illusions with intense, dramatic elements and his penchant for the bizarre. With audience participation throughout, Luis takes his audiences on a journey through what magic is and what it can do, and ultimately, what dreams mean and how to follow them. Bending Minds and Bending Dreams is an exercise in watching the impossible unfold before your eyes, experiencing wonder, and learning to believe in the surreal.

Friday, February 15 and Saturday February 16, 2013 @ 7:00pm.
Jasper Theatre Club at Magic Inc., 5082 N Lincoln (just south of Foster Ave).
$15 tickets must be purchased in advance at MagicInc.net.
For more information, call 773.334.2855 or visit Facebook.com/LuisCarreonMagic.

Luis Carreon - Bending Minds and Bending Dreams - photo by Guy F Wicke

Magic Inc. is quietly tucked away in Lincoln Square, and you may have passed it without realizing it is the oldest continuously family-run brick and mortar magic shop in North America, and the leading-edge magic source for magic tricks, books, DVDs, lessons and lectures. The shop has been frequented by such magical legends as Harry Blackstone (Sr. & Jr.), Penn & Teller, Lance Burton, David Copperfield, Mac King, Johnny Thompson, John Fisher, David Blaine, and many more.

Luis is actually the head demonstrator at Magic Inc. Here’s a fun clip of him blowing a kid’s mind at the shop:

Now Double the Oh Theodora at Sketchfest 2013!

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“One of the preeminent independent sketch groups in Chicago” – A.V. Club Chicago

Oh Theodora - Conor Sullivan, Trevor Martin, Lisa Dellagiarino, Buck LePard - Photo by Krystle Gemnich

Local favorite Oh Theodora has been awarded an additional performance slot in the 2013 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival at Stage 773 and will perform both this Friday, January 4th @ 9:00PM and Friday, January 11th @ 8:00PM. Exciting news and a great call by the Sketchfest folks!

Oh Theodora performs silly, story-driven sketches that take what you know about comedy and twist it. The troupe is comprised of the funny foursome of Lisa Dellagiarino, Buck LePard, Trevor Martin and Conor Sullivan, who describe their style as “dumb comedy for smart people.” A.V. Club Chicago describes them as “infusing everything they touch with a uniquely silly acerbity.” They celebrate the absurd, shun the traditional, and have one simple goal: to put on the most fun show their audiences have ever seen.

More on Oh Theodora in this year’s Sketchfest here: Oh Theodora – THE Local Group to See at Sketchfest 2013

Oh Theodora - Lisa Dellagiarino, Buck LePard, Trevor Martin - Photo by Krystle Gemnich

Oh Theodora at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival
Friday, January 4th, 2013 @ 9:00PM
and Friday, January 11th, 2013 @ 8:00PM.
Stage 773, 1225 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657.
$14 tickets are available at 773.327.525 or ChicagoSketchfest.com

Get a taste of their humor with these sketches:

Oh Theodora – THE Local Group to See at Sketchfest 2013

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Oh Theodora - Trevor Martin, Buck LePard, Lisa Dellagiarino, Conor Sullivan

“Smart, astute scenes that slowly escalate into calculated insanity… A master class in artful sarcasm, which permeates the group’s hilariously specific lines.”

A.V. Club Philadelphia

Oh Theodora is one of the best sketch comedy troupes in town, and their performance at the 2013 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival on Friday, January 4 is going to be a highlight of the fest.

The funny foursome of Lisa Dellagiarino, Buck LePard, Trevor Martin and Conor Sullivan specialize in silly, story-driven sketches that take what you know about comedy and twist it. They describe their style as “dumb comedy for smart people.” A.V. Club Chicago describes them as “infusing everything they touch with a uniquely silly acerbity.” They celebrate the absurd, shun the traditional, and have one simple goal: to put on the most fun show their audiences have ever seen.

As the resident sketch group of Chicago’s esteemed Lincoln Lodge showcase, Oh Theodora has opened for Hannibal Buress, Chelsea Peretti, and James Adomian. Meanwhile they continue to build a rabid fanbase with their monthly variety show at the Pub Theater, Show Theodora, which each month features brand new sketches, along with special guests, music, dance, and more.

Oh Theodora - Lisa Dellagiarino and Trevor MartinOh Theodora has been performing in Chicago since 2009, appearing at a number of Chicago comedy spots, including iO, the Second City, the Playground Theater, and Schuba’s (as the opening act for Julia Nunes). Elsewhere, Oh Theodora has been featured at the San Francisco Comedy Festival, the Los Angeles Comedy Festival, Austin’s Out of Bounds Festival, and the Philadelphia SketchFest.

2013 marks their third year at Sketchfest. Last year, they performed in the same time slot as their arch-rivals The Late Live Show, which led to attempted sabotage, and culminated in a Billy Joel sing-off in the Stage 773 lobby. This year, Oh Theodora is planning another multi-group stunt, but on a much bigger scale…  (Be still, my beating heart!)

Oh Theodora at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival
Friday, January 4th, 2013 @ 9PM
Stage 773, The Pro, 1225 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657.
$14 tickets are available at 773.327.5252 or ChicagoSketchfest.com.

Become a fan at Facebook.com/OhTheodora.

And get out to Show Theodora tomorrow night at the Pub Theater for their Christmas Specials!  Details in the video below: 

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