JABLONSKI EXTENDED! 6 More Weeks of "Ridiculously Funny" Revue!

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I’m pleased to announce that Jablonski! has been extended!  After solid houses and some tremendous reviews, iO has granted John and Sherra another 6 weeks in the Del Close Theatre!  I highly recommend you get yourself out to iO this Thursday to see this damn funny show.  

“Funny…versatile…from persuasive social satire to uninhibited physical humor. Recommended!” – Chicago Reader

“A breezy, ridiculous and awfully sharp show.  Critic’s Pick!” – Time Out Chicago

Jablonski!Jablonski! is “two-person sketch comedy that defies expectation; highly physical, utterly absurd and ridiculously funny” (Time Out Chicago). Lasley and Sviokla perform raw, vulnerable, biting material designed to provoke laughter and thought in equal proportions.  The duo explores the awkward and the personal, going beyond typical sketch scenarios and taking things as far as they can. All that, and a chorus of chickens performs “the Carol of the Bells!”  Sketch comedy maestro Brian Posen directs.

Thursdays @ 10:30pm through October 8.

iO Chicago, in the Del Close Theatre, 3541 N. Clark St.

$10 tickets available at Chicago.iOImprov.com or 773.880.0199.


The Critics Love Jablonski!

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Just 2 shows into their 6 week run and my Jablonski! clients have picked up some respectable press…

Critic’s Pick in Time Out Chicago:Two-person sketch comedy that defies expectation; highly physical, utterly absurd and ridiculously funny…a breezy, ridiculous and awfully sharp show.” And subject of a Feature Article in this week’s issue: “Lasley and Sviokla share an undeniable intimacy—like Burns and Allen (or Fred and Wilma).”
Read Jason Heidemann’s full article!

Recommended by the Chicago Reader: Frequently funny” and “versatile, smoothly switching from persuasive social satire to uninhibited physical humor.”
Read Ryan Hubbard’s full review!

4 more chances to see this talented young duo. Get to iO, grab some Jablonski! beer from the bar, and enjoy John and Sherra doing what they do best.

Thursdays @ 10:30pm through Aug 27. (No Show Aug 13!)

iO Chicago’s Del Close Theatre, 3541 N Clark St.

$10 tickets available online or at 773.880.0199.

If you’re a member of the Facebook, become a Fan of Jablonski!

Sketch Comedy at its Finest: JABLONSKI!

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“Spot on… The two-person Jablonski team nailed it!” – Time Out Chicago

TOC correspondent Christina Couch was thoroughly impressed, then later that evening, Team Submarine hit her in the face with a potato. Ah, SketchFest!

It was at this year’s Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival that Sherra Lasley and John Sviokla debuted Jablonski! And none other than SketchFest Founder/Executive Producer Brian Posen is directing this talented duo, now opening their new run at iO Theater.

John and Sherra perform raw, vulnerable, biting comedy that provokes laughter and thought in equal proportions. Running the gamut from the personal to the absurd, Jablonski! examines human relationships and awkward interactions, pressing the issues of suicide, one night stands, cancer, and oral sex. All that, and “the Carol of the Bells” performed by a chorus of chickens!

Smart, funny, and directed by one of the most influential people in the Chicago theater scene. What more do you need to know?

Thursdays @ 10:30pm, July 16 – Aug 27. (No show Aug 20!)
iO Chicago’s Del Close Theatre, 3541 N Clark St.
Get your $10 tickets at Chicago.iOImprov.com or call 773.880.0199.

Learn more about Jablonski! on their Facebook fan page.

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