The New American All-Stars Bring Down the Skybox

June 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

A final outburst of feral improvisation, then away… into the night!

The indefatigable rogues of The New American All-Stars are closing their run at Donny’s Skybox Studio Theatre. They have impressed, offended and stayed true to their passionate, bacchanal style. Now the endgame is nigh. Witness the NAAS thrash out an improv set to end all improv sets.

Furious energy and absolute commitment.
High intelligence with unlimited silliness.
Total superiority to everything on a stage in Chicago, and the world.

Thursday, June 18 @ 10:30pm.

$10 for the kind of improv you’ve always dreamed of
(followed by the offbeat & hilarious sketch comedy of Not From Baltimore).


Or call 312.337.3992 and tell them the New American All-Stars sent you.

Be a part of something better than anything.


The New American All-Stars ride into Donny's Skybox

May 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

This Thursday, five of Chicago’s best improvisers, show up at Donny’s Skybox Studio Theater to completely destroy the stage. And then they’ll do it again every Thursday until June 18.

I highly recommend attending and I have no doubt that the self-proclaimed “Improv Comedy Super Team” will live up to their hype. These guys are good and together they play without rules or boundaries. They don’t ask for a suggestion. They don’t need to. They just go. And you’re a part of the ride.

The New American All-Stars are:

Micah Philbrook – A master of improvisation, this is a man doing what he was born to do, who plays with passion, skill, and the wile of a Louisianian.

Brad Norman – Super-charged with talent and charisma, he takes over a stage from lesser mortals, but in the All-Stars, he has found his equals.

Kevin Sciretta – A scrappy dynamo of wit, explosive energy and East Coast combativeness, this is a man who cannot be stopped and the chip on his shoulder is a gift to comedy.

Robert Reid – The Floridian phenom, this gentleman took little time to establish a Chicago reputation as a truly gifted improviser who can be counted on to push the envelope, and now he pushes it with the best.

Barry Hite – The quiet one, an award-winning improviser of intelligence and gamesmanship with the refinement of a Virginian. Don’t turn your back on Barry Hite.

These are 5 comedians who show up and get the job done, consistently. Your memorable evening of laughter and astonishment is guaranteed.

The New American All-Stars are on a double bill with sketch duo Not From Baltimore. That’s 2 shows for the price of one at just $10.

Thursdays @ 10:30pm through June 18.
Donny’s Skybox Studio Theater, 1608 N Wells St.
Get tickets online here or call 312.337.3992.

The New American All-Stars boast “Everyone else is not as good.” I am inclined to agree.

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