Geek Show Mounts a Horrific Act of Sociopolitical Satire

January 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

The razor sharp sketch comedians of Geek Show have announced their upcoming run as host of the Playground’s Graffiti Sketch Comedy Showcase, and you do not want to miss it.

In the old days, a geek show was a carnival act where a single oaf (the geek) stood in the center ring to commit a bizarre, horrific act that was found disdainful but ultimately entertaining by the masses, such as chasing live chickens, and then biting their heads off.  This Geek Show simply chases and bites the heads off of the various idiocies in our modern lives.

Today’s America is overstimulating, complicated, and constantly changing in ways that cannot be controlled.  We are an exceptional nation, proud of it’s porn and overeating.  Each of us is special, just like everyone else.   Geek Show is here to show us how ridiculous it all truly is, and how the ways we cope with it are even stranger.   Leave the 2.5 kids at home for this show.  Besides, they’re only dragging you down.

A new guest comedy group opens for Geek Show each week!

A co-production of Graffiti Sketch Comedy Showcase and the Playground Theater, Geek Show stars Justin Howard, Jeff Murdock, Tim Reardon and Jo Scott, and is directed by Dunbar Dicks.

Fridays @ 10pm, January 28 – March 4.

The Playground Theater, 3209 N Halsted St (Belmont & Halsted), Chicago, IL 60657.

$10 tickets are available at the door.  Reservations may be made at

Performances are BYOB!


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