Showbiz Legends Bring Variety to Laugh Out Loud Theater

August 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Laugh Out Loud Theater is, without a doubt, the coolest place in Schaumburg.  (Sorry, LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre.)  The venue is known primarily for lots of sharp short-form improv comedy, with shows for the whole family as well as late shows (and a full bar) for the grown-ups.  This Thursday night, the theater hosts the premiere of a new production that promises to spice things up.

Living entertainment industry legends Montgomery and Cooke present That’s Showbiz, Kid!, a singing dancing comedy variety show featuring a wide array of talented guest performers!

Lorraine Montgomery and Paddie Cooke have been living the “Show Business” life longer than even they can remember. From their years working the vaudeville circuit, to radio, TV, and now the Internet, this funny and lovely couple have been doing whatever it takes to put smiles on faces across the country. They’ve seen it all – the good (their successful television show in the greater Baltimore area) to the bad (a one-eyed knife juggler with the shakes) to the ugly (Paddie in the morning without his first cup of coffee) – and aren’t afraid to talk about it. In this, the first leg of their new world tour, they’ll be serving up a variety show with their signature recipe of songs, laughs, special guests, and (maybe) a dance or two.

With guests ranging from comedians to magicians, yodelers, or a high school marching band, you’ll never know what to expect at this show.  Don’t miss your chance to see these hilarious showbiz greats in Chicagoland!Suitcase

That’s Showbiz, Kid! at Laugh Out Loud Theater

Thursdays @ 8:00pm, August 27 – September 17.

$15 tickets can be purchased by calling 847.240.0386.

Learn more about Montgomery and Cooke and read their blog at


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